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Washing Machines Glossary

Our handy glossary can help you to understand complicated washing machine features, making choosing the right washing machine easy. Why not look through our list of keywords and see which washing machine will make the day to day running of your home easier. Laundry no longer needs to be a chore, see which washing machine features from our list are appealing to you.

A list of glossary terms
Term Definition
Anti Crease Programme This programme will allow the washing machine to continue spinning after the cycle to allow the washing to move and untangle which will reduce creasing and speed up your ironing time Back to top
Audible End of Programme When the washing machine has finished the cycle it will make a sound to alert you that your wash load is ready to be emptied Back to top
Built in – Integrated This type of washing machine fits behind your existing cupboard doors and will not alter the current layout of your kitchen Back to top
Child Safety Lock The washing machine will not be able to be opened by children when the machine is locked, a great safety feature Back to top
controlPanelType The type of display which will appear on the washing machines control panel Back to top
Delicate Wash Designed to be gentle with your clothing, taking great care of your garments while meaning you don’t have the hassle of hand washing Back to top
Delay Timer This feature allows you to delay your wash load to a time which suits you Back to top
Drum Capacity This is how much the washing machine will hold which is measured in litres Back to top
Energy Consumption How much energy is used by the machine during a wash cycle Back to top
Energy Rating The rating awarded to a washing machine for its energy efficiency, A++ is currently the highest energy rating for a washing machine. Better for the environment and better for your energy bills Back to top
Energy Recommended A washing machine which has been recommended by the Energy Saving Trust and is recognised for being more efficient within the environment Back to top
Front Loading This type of washing machine is the most popular, it loads from the front of the appliance Back to top
Freestanding The front of the appliance is visible and this type of washing machine can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. Either placed underneath a work surface or stood independently Back to top
Fuzzy Logic An intelligent technology which measures how much dirt is in the load and alters the use of detergent, water and energy used during the cycle to guarantee the best possible results Back to top
Half Load Function This adjusts the amount of water which is use in a washing machine cycle, beneficial to save time, money and energy Back to top
Hand Wash Clothing with a hand wash label can be washed safely on this cycle, extremely gentle on your clothing taking hassle away from hand washing your garments Back to top
Intensive Wash A more thorough wash which is ideal for heavily soiled clothing Back to top
Loading The position of the door on the washing machine where you will load your washing into Back to top
Memory Function A clever feature which remembers your favourite programmes making it quicker for you when doing the laundry Back to top
Next Day Get selected washing machines the very next day if you place the order before 12pm Back to top
Noise Level (dB) A lower noise level on your washing machine will mean that a cycle will be less intrusive and noisy in your kitchen Back to top
Number of Programmes The amount of wash options which are available on the washing machine Back to top
Portholes The hole used when loading a front loading washing machine Back to top
Pre Wash For items which are more heavily soiled, a pre wash feature makes sure that your clothing will come out clean after a main cycle Back to top
Quick Wash A rapid wash feature which is great for lightly soiled clothing or when you are in a hurry Back to top
Rapid Delivery Our fast delivery service which ensures you can get your new washing machine in as little as 2 working days Back to top
Rinse Hold This helps to reduce cleaning and odours during the cycle by the clothes remaining in the water from the final rinse until there is a convenient time for you to select a spin programme to complete the washing machine cycle Back to top
Silk Wash Making sure your silk items are correctly cared for and reducing creases the spin cycle is gentle with your clothing and takes the hassle out of washing by hand Back to top
Spin Performance This is the rating which is given to a washing machine based on how well it extracts water from your laundry Back to top
Spin Speed (RPM) This is the speed in which the washing machine will spin during the cycle. The larger the spin speed the more water will be expelled during a cycle. Spin speeds are measures in revolutions per minute (RPM) Back to top
Super Silent A washing machine which is extra quiet great for not being disturbed in your daily routine Back to top
Super / Extra Rinse A useful function for when you need additional rinse for loads which require more attention Back to top
Timer Delay A programmable feature which allows the washing machine cycle to start at a point in the future determined by the user, ideal to set the cycle over night when energy prices are cheaper Back to top
Time to End Cycle A timer is displayed which shows the amount of time remaining until the washing cycle ends, ideal for planning your washing times more efficiently Back to top
Variable Spin A variable spin speed allows you to adjust the amount of revolutions per minute (RPM) of a wash load to control the cycle more Back to top
Variable Temperature You are able to change the temperature of a cycle as your wish to, giving you the ability to customise you wash programmes. You can suit the clothing you have placed into the machine, or wash at a lower temperature to save energy Back to top
Wash Load (Kg) This is the amount of laundry which can be washed during one cycle, a washing machine with a larger wash load can reduce creasing Back to top
Wash Performance This is the rating which is given to a washing machine to determine how well it cleans during a cycle Back to top
Water Consumption The amount of water which is used during the washing machines cycle Back to top
Wide Opening Door A wide door opening allows you to more easily load and unload your laundry, especially handy for bulkier items. A really convenient washing machine feature when washing towels, quilts etc. Back to top
Wool Programme A wool cycle reduces the speed in which the drum spins making sure clothing is not stretched. The clothing is constantly moving in the water and the gentleness of this washing machine cycle means hand washing is no longer required Back to top
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